Sits Between Fillers & Toxins and Surgery

Difficult to treat areas, such as the neck and upper & lower eyes, can be targeted with ease, with an average of 7 days’ downtime.

Treats Lines, Wrinkles and Crêpe Skin

A combined blepharoplasty, glabellar and crow’s feet PlasmaPRO treatment can be completed in only 15 minutes!

Long lasting, Permanent Results

PlasmaPRO can rewind the years and re-set the ageing clock. Skin-tightening isn’t temporary – the results speak for themselves.

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Thank you for your interest in PlasmaPRO; CosmoPRO’s leading skin-tightening treatment, currently taking the aesthetics industry by storm! Whether you hunger for your once-youthful looks or simply want to look fresher, with fewer smile lines and wrinkles, PlasmaPRO can deliver outstanding results that will leave friends and colleagues wondering whether you’ve gone under the knife. Offering unparalleled results, this pioneering, non-invasive treatment is as close to surgery as it gets, all without leaving the comfort of Sarah Taylor Aesthetics clinic. So how does it work?


After a thorough consultation, you will return to the clinic for a treatment. I will apply soothing cream to the treatment area and use the PlasmaPRO Precision Pen close to the chosen area to be treated. Once the probe is a few millimetres from the skin, a tiny plasma flash is emitted, causing the skin to shrink back. This process, called ‘sublimation’, is performed tens or hundreds of times depending upon the size of the treatment area. Immediately after, and for several weeks following the treatment, the skin is flooded with plasma and collagen, as the body seeks to repair and rejuvenate from within.


The results are visible immediately, however, the final result will take around twelve weeks to see. Patients are advised that the skin will undergo many changes during the healing process; therefore, please be patient and wait until the three-month mark for a true result.


As this treatment involves causing controlled micro-trauma to the skin, you should expect some swelling, redness and tenderness for between 3-5 days following the treatment. The small treatment ‘dots’ will scab and fall off after around 5-7 days, and I advise you to avoid wearing make-up on the treated area during this time (other than the tinted healing balm I will give you).


PlasmaPRO practitioners are trained to ensure your maximum comfort during a treatment and will apply a soothing balm to the treatment area. Most patients experience little to no pain whatsoever.


The actual session can take as little as half an hour, depending on the size of the areas to be treated. Those looking for a more dramatic result may require more than one session; however, you will be advised on such prior to treatment. Once healed, the result can last for anywhere between two and five years. Those who follow the aftercare procedure properly – i.e. don’t get the area wet for at least five days, don’t pick the microdots, wear a facial sunblock (etc.) will obtain longer-lasting results than those who don’t. Aftercare really is the key to success in plasma skin-tightening.


Sarah Taylor is trained to a very high standard and has a proven clinic-based background. Given the skill required to perform a safe plasma treatment and the knowledge/experience required in BBV (blood-borne virus prevention), anatomy & physiology, skin conditions/medical contraindications and first aid, plasma treatments should not be undertaken by untrained individuals.


Our German-manufactured device consists of a precision probe, which emits a single plasma flash when the disposable tip comes within millimetres of the skin. If the probe comes too close to the skin, the machine will cut out automatically. Further, unlike the machines of old, which used to leave 1-2mm sized carbon ‘dots’ on the skin, the PlasmaPRO Precision Pen tip is, to the best of our knowledge and research, one of the finest on the market. This ensures that just enough current is used to create an outstanding result. This is known as the minimum effective dose (MED) – i.e. the least amount of current required to create an optimum result.

PlasmaPRO from CosmoPRO PlasmaPRO on Vimeo.