Dermal Fillers


Lips from £235
Cheeks from £250
Nasolabial folds from £235
Marionette lines from £225

With the TEOSYAL® range, it is possible to redefine and redesign the lines and contours of your face as gently and naturally as possible.



 TEOSYAL® is injected under the wrinkle, to raise it from the inside, instantly making it disappear thanks to the volume created.

98% satisfaction in terms of wrinkle-filling effect*


It plumps up and resculpts the face, redefining its contours to combat skin sagging.

98% satisfaction in terms of volume-boosting effect*


 TEOSYAL® promotes deep-down hydration and revitalisation of your skin.

 In 2011 Teoxane added 0.30% lidocaine to their range in order to provide their patients with a more comfortable end user experience.

The complete range of filling products enables me to tailor the product to the individual needs of the patient.

The Teosyal family of products includes:-

Teosyal Pure Sense First Lines, for the correction of superficial wrinkles and skin breaks

Teosyal Pure Sense Global Action, treatment for the filling of linear facial wrinkles such as slight or moderately marked nasolabial folds and lines around the mouth

Teosyal Pure Sense Deep lines, treatment to fill deep facial wrinkles

Teosyal Touch Up – treatment for filling moderate facial wrinkles and for interim touch up sessions

Teosyal Pure Sense Kiss – lip enhancement, balance and contour. Its smooth consistency creates a natural long lasting result for increased patient satisfaction

Teosyal Pure Sense Ultra Deep – gentle re scultping for precision to augment the cheeks, cheekbones and facial contours. To correct mild ptosis and to fill deep facial wrinkles on thick skin areas.

Teosyal Pure Sense Ultimate – a unique volumizing product recommended for restoring volume in wide areas of the face.


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Fillers - Frequently asked questions


How long do the effects last?

Anti wrinkle treatments can be expected to last up to 12 weeks on average, although this can be longer after repeated treatments.

Fillers can be expected to last 9 – 12 months depending on the product used.

How long does it take to do?

The process, including initial consultation and treatment, would typically take no more than an hour.

Does it hurt?

Most people say not! Anti wrinkle injections are very quick and the odd one may feel like a sting, but there’s no lingering discomfort.

I use numbing creams for filler treatments as these can be a little uncomfortable for some clients.

Will I see the effects immediately?

Effects of anti wrinkle treatments are seen after a few days for some clients, but most will see the full effect by 14 days following treatment. I always offer a follow up appointment after the 14 days and top up any treated area if required.

Effects are immediate when treated with fillers, although a little swelling, and occasional slight bruising, may be seen for a couple of days. Clients often see continuing improvements over the following weeks.

What aftercare do I need to do?

This varies depending on the treatment received, but you’ll be given an aftercare sheet to guide you. Aftercare is however, very minimal.